My name is Nailah (pronounced ny-ee-luh). You can call me Nay or Nai. I'm a 28-year-old LA native with Bajan and Belizean roots. 


The first time I became interested in veganism was in May 2020 after doing a 10-day raw, vegan cleanse that left me feeling energetic and rejuvenated. I was curious to see if veganism was the lifestyle change I needed to reach my fullest potential- mentally and physically. Initially, it was for my health, but after learning about how animals are treated, that became my priority too.


I noticed that there were only a handful of vegan brands that represented me as a black woman with a new focus on health, wellness, and sustainability. So much of veganism is already difficult to approach given the largely non-vegan society we live in, but it was even harder for me to find my place in a new community I was eager to be a part of when I didn't see myself represented. Vegans exist across race, gender, age, faith, and all sorts of identities, and I knew I wouldn't feel 100% aligned in my new journey unless I could support black businesses and people who celebrated the beauty of being vegan. So, The Vegan Ting was born. Not only out of an interest in centering black women, but ones who are interested in finding healthy lifestyle alternatives as they bloom. I hope the brand inspires you to feel good from the inside out, and from the roots up. 


In the short 5 months (so far) I've officially been vegan, I have already been transformed in more ways than I can count. But most importantly, veganism has led me to my calling: to create products from love, which means no sweatshops, no plastic, no hidden ingredients. I have relied on my professional executive experience in the retail industry to make The Vegan Ting's products the most sustainable, high quality items for any and everyone looking to begin — or continue — their vegan journey.


Veganism can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m here to make it easy for you. With some swag.